Danittza Zimic is a lifestyle brand

Creativity, charisma, and authenticity. The true essence of A lifestyle brand inspired by the roots and heritage of our CEO/ Founder and front Fashion Designer Danittza Zimic. The collection known for bold prints, design and the perfect fit was launched in 2008 with a selective collection of garments and accessories.

Born in Peru she felt Mother Earth play a major part in her love for bold prints. She was a young inspired little girl with a big heart and a passion for art, as a girl she would often dream of long gowns worn by artist worldwide, she developed a set of notebooks with couture designs in them she often daydreamed of when in school, at 7 she played mayor parts in theatrical plays back in her native country. Where her imagination could run wild in the intricate detail of the costumes she wore, she loved the stage and felt happy at the end of each play and endless rehearsal hours. Most of her childhood stayed on that stage and her heart stayed with the producer, choreographer and friends she nurtured after each play, a home away from home. At 10 she moved to Miami leaving all her theatrical life away and attended school like a regular child. As the years flew by, she had a career in real estate where she dedicated herself to 100% for many years until 2007 when the market dropped drastically. Without knowing what to do next, she soul searched to find somewhere in the vast what she would do next? After a week without speaking she felt a hunch, her calling was lauder than all the contradictions in her head, a passion laying dormant for so many years in fashion suddenly resurfaced. Imagine she had been working for a year without getting any results in the loan world, so she took the last money she had $1,200 and decided to start her own fashion brand called Mittmi in 2008. Her brand turn bigger than anything she could have imagined, she registered into the arts institute and started pursuing her new career in fashion. Shortly after her designs were absolute success and she reached 200+ boutiques around the globe with boutiques in Australia, Lebanon, Ireland, France to name a few. She is also a regular in NBC 6, Univision, Telemundo, MegaTV, Bravo and has been features in a handful of magazines, editorials, interviews and has Dress Emmy Winner singer and song writer Mya.


We welcome you to meet our Designer Danittza Zimic with Danittza Zimic Label

She moved to Miami at age of 10, she was all the sudden facing the unknown, without any English she assisted a full English curriculum that made her homesick. She remembers one time in school the teacher order a single file of boys and of girls since she didn’t even know what boys meant she got in line scared she would be left behind and she was standing first in line in the boys’ single file. Through all the limitation of a second language she was very intelligent and got honor roll and a hand full of diplomas, she was determined to excel in anything that she did.
As time passed she got her first job at a retail children’s clothing store in Aventura mall where she attended after class every day. In a short time, she became the key holder and was doing management work at 14.


Born on spring Danittza was giving a God giving gift dating back generations in her family culture and heritage. Peruvian born was inspired by fashion at the same time she learned to walk, both great-grandmothers from both sizes were iconic women in the Peruvian society of Lima. They were known for their exquisite fashion sense and empowerment through their vestments. Each one unique of each other, Danittza was brought into the worlds of fashion and at the same time, she was brought from the hospital that April day.

Her childhood in Lima was very inspiring, as she grew older she spent many hours with her both grandmas and was influenced by her children theatre which filled her with joy. She performed in many plays, an artist at 7 she had a full-time job after school in musical plays that injected more fashion into her world. At school she would spend countless hours designing in school, she was always misunderstood for being outspoken and opinionated, she has her own way of thinking and she would not be derived from it.
As time passed she got her first job at a retail children’s clothing store in Aventura mall where she attended after class every day. In a short time, she became the key holder and was doing management work at 14.


At 18 after graduating her long-term boyfriend proposed and she went to apply for an assistant position in a timeshare company, the manager was so impressed that she decided to offer her a telemarketing position instead. That’s exactly how her real estate career started. As her pasión for fashion drifted apart, she soon became a real estate entrepreneur and moved to Hawaii shortly after where she worked as a real estate agent in the island of Oahu, then San Francisco making 6 figures.

Danittza’s inspiration began before she was born, it ran in her blood. Her grandmother a true testament to style dominated her inclination to fashion, an avant-garde woman that was lighting years ahead of her time, with her voluptuous figure and defined waistline, she strutted the streets like a runway, wore bold colors full of vintage prints that made her more attractive than the stunning woman that she was. She was not only a loving grandma, she was the key essence of what our founder is, she was a testament to her life. Danittza was exposed from a very young age to fashion from both sides of her family tree, she was born is a fashion nest of her era. She was attracted to lively colors that later she will transform into art pieces, being an artist herself, her world from the moment she was a baby was exposed to a variety of textures and materials she would later use as her canvas.


In 2007 missing Miami much, she decided to move to Miami at the peak of the economic real estate bubble explosion. She dedicated herself to her real estate career fully which gave her the business skills she will later need to run her fashion business. She drove to Miami to land numerous contracts that to her luck never closed, this lasted a year before she made the decision to not continue in real estate any longer.
After a week without speaking to anyone, she took the leap into fashion. Registered herself into the Arts Institute. After a whole year not being able to close a single deal, she gathered all her money and all she had left was $1,200 so she believed in herself and created Mizmi in 2008.

It was a company she started after a week of soul searching, the name Mizmi came from Me, in Spanish and Z for Zimic.
She was an overnight success. She started selling her designs all over, knocking on doors and two small boutiques that immediately fell in love with the brand. She started speaking to stylist and dressing celebrities for the Grammys. She shipped her designs all over. Until 2010 when she was hit with a huge infringement demand. At the same time, she was invited to showcase her art in a silent auction to generate fund for the FIU Arts department where she immediately became a sought after Abstract Artist, her art was sold that very same day and people craved to know more and visit her gallery.

And Mittmi was born. She used to joke to people saying to them “you are not going to miss me, you are going to Mittmi” and with her positive outlook she embarked on rebranding herself and her company.
Danittza has been invited by so many shows, featured in NBC6, Univision, Telemundo, MegaTV, SOI TV, endless magazines, editorials, awards for her excellence that she decided in 2018 exactly 10 years later to give birth toDanittza Zimic the brand enriched with the knowledge she was gained over the last decade she turned Danittza Zimic into a lifestyle brand, the people that stood by her and believed in her could not be more excited for her next chapter and to see what she will be creating next…

After 10 years in the fashion industry and taking some time off Zimic launches Danittza Zimic brand in 2018. An artiste, a mother and a Designer she brings love inspired key pieces, a kids collection, an encapsulated spiritually inspired tees line and her much awaited shoe line based on her history and turn of events. A promising come back that is sure to wow the masses. For her art you can check out below

We welcome you to meet our Designer Danittza Zimic with Danittza Zimic Label.

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